If you’re a fan of Castlevania from Netflix, you’ll be happy with the release date for the new season. The anime comes from a heavy investment by the platform, in great content for its audience. The success was expected for this title, as the games of the Castlevania saga has numerous fans worldwide.

Castlevania debuted in 2017 with just four episodes. The story follows Trevor Belmont , the last vampire hunter of a legendary family. He will have to face Dracula, who rebels against humanity after the church kills his beloved. In season two, Trevor joins Alucard , son of Dracula, and Syphar , a powerful sorceress, to continue his journey.

Check out now the tweet that informs the release date of the third season:

. @Castlevania is back on March 5th, and there’s more mystery, murder, mayhem, and vampires than ever. #Castlevania pic.twitter.com/9se4mRR2K8

— NX (@NXOnNetflix) February 4, 2020

As we can see, Castlevania opens on March 5th . So what are your expectations?

Third Season of Castlevania

Although it’s only a few months before the premiere of season three, almost nothing has been revealed about it. Before continuing, we have already informed you that we will have spoilers for the first and second seasons of Castlevania .

First of all, we have to remember the big event that happened at the end of season two. Dracula brought together several vampire clans to wipe out humanity, but not everything went as he planned. Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha, put an end to his plans, invading his castle and wiping out most of his lackeys. The big plot of the last few episodes is that apparently Dracula died too.

With the death of the most powerful and famous vampire that ever lived, several things can happen. Apparently  Carmilla will be the great villain this season, as she managed to get out of the massacre alive. She even gathered some survivors and plans something big with Dracula’s absence. Carmilla also appears in the promotional image, along with familiar faces and one we don’t know yet.